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Warmachine Events

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Whether you are a new player, seasoned veteran or just want to relax and play some casual
games we have an event for you. We’re also happy to announce that the WGC Masters
Tournament is both an official Iron Gauntlet Qualifier and Warmachine Weekend Wildcard

Iron Arena
Friday: 10am - 10pm Saturday: 9am - 10pm Sunday: 9am - 3pm
Iron Arena is unstructured casual play. You earn points by playing pickup games throughout the
weekend on the Iron Arena tables. You can play any point level you want and earn extra points
by completing special objectives and playing people from different cities. Redeem your points at
Iron Arena HQ from some great prizes!
Iron Arena will also have 4 man Caster Draft pods available and Extreme Colossal Wrestling!
These games will earn you points just like regular games. Also, for each event you complete
you will also earn 10 Iron Arena points.
Throughout the entire weekend playing fully painted will also earn you extra Iron Arena points!

Champions Tournament
Registration: 10 -10:45am Round 1: 11am
When the 2018 Champions packet is released some details may change.
● 2 lists. 75pts. 60min death clock
● Champions no longer has a painting requirement
● Will use latest 2018 Champions packet

Caster Draft
Registration: 1 -1:45am Draft Starts: 2pm
Create your own caster by drafting packs of cards with your opponents.
● 1 list. 50pts. 60min death clock
● Bring a small based model to represent your caster
● Create your list assuming your caster has 30 jack/beast points
● Theme forces are allowed
● Full Info: https://privateerpress.com/organized-play/caster-draft

Masters Qualifier - Steamroller
Registration: 9 - 9:45am Round 1: 10am
When the 2018 Masters packet is released some details may change
● 2 lists. 75pts. 60min death clock
● Top 8 qualify for Sunday WGC Masters
● Will use latest 2018 Steamroller/Masters packet

‘Tower of Azareth’ Narrative Event
Registration: 12pm - 12:45pm Round 1: 1pm
● 16 Player Limit
● 2 lists. 50pts. Themes can be used.
● Bring an extra small based Faction model to mark your location on the map.
● This is a narrative Steamroller event with some unique twists. Players will collect Orgoth artifacts(dice) and at the end of the event whoever has the most power (determined by rolling all your collected dice) wins!

2 vs 2 Doubles Event
Registration: 9 - 9:45am Round 1: 10am
● Grab a teammate and combine forces. Each player brings a 25pt army led by 1 warcaster/warlock, character restrictions apply across both armies.Teammates do not need to play the same faction.
● 25pts, 1 list per player, 60min death clock
● Teams will play together on the same table, only 1 activation may happen at a time.
● 3 round limit, standard tie-breakers apply

WGC Masters - Iron Gauntlet Qualifier & WMW Wildcard Series
Registration: 9:15 - 10am Round 1: 10:15am
We are very excited to announce our Masters Tournament is both a official Iron Gauntlet
Qualifier* and a Warmachine Weekend Wildcard Series**.
● Limited to the qualified players from previous event
● 2 lists. 75pts. 60min death clock
● Will use latest 2018 Masters rules
● Winner will receive a free pass to Warmachine Weekend*
● All Masters players earn Warmachine Weekend Invitational Points
● Winner is qualified for the Iron Gauntlet World Championship at next Lock & Load
● Top 3 players earn Iron Gauntlet points to be used at the next Lock & Load
* Iron Gauntlet Qualifier Info http://privateerpress.com/organized-play/iron-gauntlet
* 32 players needed in qualifier to count as an IGQ
** Warmachine Weekend Wildcard Info

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