WGCX Warhammer 40K GT and Texas State Championship

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WGCX Warhammer 40K GT and Texas State Championship


This is the 10th year for the WGC Warhammer 40K GT and for the third year we are incorporating the Texas State 40K Championship and Texas Team Championship into one momentous event. We are looking to have the best event yet this year with some format changes. Below are the details:
2000 Points battle forged army with no more than 3 Detachments.
ITC format i.e.: Beta Rules are in effect, bottom floors of ruins block line of sight.

Best Overall: A total of Battle Points, Hobby score, and Sportsmanship.
Best Painted: Will be scored separately by secret judges on Sunday. You must have a Hobby score of 10 to qualify for Best Painted.
Best General: Will be based on top ITC score for the event.
Best Sport: Will be judged on Best Game Vote.

How to qualify to battle for the Texas Championship Belt: Now available to non-Texas residents! Attend at least one other Texas GT (Alamo 40K GT, Warzone Houston 40K GT, Sidewinder 40K GT) your top score at any of those events will combine with your WGCX score and the top finisher will win The Texas Championship Belt! Colin McDade is the retuning champion. Will anyone knock him off his throne?

How to qualify for the Texas Team Championship: Just show up with your friends and have them all register with the same team name. The top 5 Overall scores will be totaled from your team for your Team’s score. The Top Texas Team will get five medals and the right to hold the Top Texas Team Trophy for until next year’s event. Your Team Name will be permanently engraved on the Top Texas Team Trophy. Display it at your local store or favorite gathering place! The WAAC Team from DFW won last year! Can your team beat them? Get them bragging rights!
More details coming soon!
We look forward to seeing y’all there! 

Five games, tickets $70

Don't forget to book your hotel!

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