40K Team Tournament 2019

WGCXI 40K Team Events template.png
WGCXI 40K Team Events template.png

40K Team Tournament 2019


Do you want to play 40K with your buddy and not play those same “boring” missions they play in the Grand Tournaments? Well then, you should sign up for the WarGamesCon 40K Team Event!  Come join the fun with some wacky missions, beer and great 40K moments!


1000 points per player.  2000 points per team.  2 Detachments per player.  1 warlord per team. 

Armies must be fully painted and based or you CANNOT play.  

Do not build optimized Grand Tournament lists, this is supposed to be fun and we will do our best to limit submitted lists that look like they are full of cheese.  Lists need to be submitted to wgc@wargamescon.com no later than Aug 2nd.  Each day beyond the deadline will incur a minus one Command Point deduction. 

Friday Aug 16th.  

Three games, tickets are $50 per team — Don’t forget to book your hotel!

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