40K Narrative Events 2019

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WGCXI 40K Narrative Events template.png
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40K Narrative Events 2019


WGC XI presents the finest in 40K Narrative Events, presented by The Narrative Guys! These events are truly majestic, with fantastic terrain on every board and missions that both challenge and delight. If you’ve played in the WGC Narrative events before, you know how amazing it is. If you haven’t…you really should. You won’t be disappointed.

Narrative Open

Faction-based narrative play, featuring short three-mission campaigns each day. In solo and multiplayer battles, faction teams work together to accomplish missions customized to each faction team. Dynamic mission sets and flexible force structures let you adapt to your mission and achieve victory!

10-7 Friday and Saturday

Narrative Free Play

Enjoy casual open play on our high-quality tables, or join us for Dan's Crazy Game - a multi-player event of epic proportions.

10-4 Sunday

 Tickets are $75, one ticket covers all Narrative Events — Don’t forget to book your hotel!

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