40KGT/Team Tournament: Army Lists and You

Hello everyone!

Let's talk about army lists for WGC for a minute. As you know, our hobby has entered a new golden age with the advent of the 8th Edition of Warhammer 40K. With this new edition GW has released Indices for all armies, giving everyone new army lists. This is great! But it's also potentially confusing. There are a lot of little things we have to account for that we never had to account for before -- and it is very easy to make an accounting error or two.

One of the situations we're trying to avoid at WGC is any kind of controversy surrounding a player with an army list that turns out to be illegal or invalid. It's bad for the player, it's bad for us as TOs, it's bad for the reputation of WGC, and it's bad for the community. That's a lot of bad -- and nobody wants that!

So, this year we're requiring list pre-approval for the 40K Team Tournament and 40K GT. This means before you play in either event, your army list has to be approved by us.

Now, don't go getting cranky about it. We're not imposing any arbitrary composition or anything like that. We do have a couple of restrictions, though. To be clear, let's go over them.

Army List Composition Rules for WGC:

  • Standard ITC army composition rules (must be Battle-Forged, etc.)
  • GW and ForgeWorld is allowed
  • The new codex books are not allowed (so no Codex: Space Marines, Heretic Astartes, etc.)
  • If you are playing an army that now has a codex, create and submit your lists based on the index points, not the codexes.  
  • The new Primaris units in this Warhammer Community document will be allowed, and they may be included in non-Codex armies as that document spells out
  • All GW and ForgeWorld FAQs will be in use
  • Current ITC FAQ will be in use
  • No units with Power Level of 31 or above are allowed
  • Army list pre-approval required
  • Send lists to wgcarmylists@gmail.com for approval

See? Nothing crazy. We're not going to disallow a list that follows those rules, not matter how much filth it contains. This is an ITC Major Event after all, and that means great competitors and great competition.

Lists can be submitted in any electronic format, but they must include points values for each and every unit, piece of wargear, upgrades, etc. Our preferred format would be a BattleScribe roster file that we can just load up and see everything (double-checking everything, no application is perfect) but any electronic format is okay.

Let's get those lists in -- you can't play without approval!