40K FAQ and Other News

We're in the home stretch to WGCX and we have some news and announcements for our 40K Championship GT and Team Event players!

First off, we've created a very short FAQ with some clarifications -- things that have come up that we wanted to cover so there's less confusion on the tabletop. You can find that FAQ here.

We're an ITC Major Event! That means your points are worth more! And just so we're clear -- while we may not be using the ITC Champs Missions, we ARE an ITC event and we will definitely be reporting scores to ITC via Best Coast Pairings.

Speaking of Best Coast Pairings -- the registration page for the WGCX 40K Texas Championship GT is live. You can go there and pre-register in BCP for the event. It saves us all time and hassle if you do...so do it! While you're there, upload your list. Last year we were one of, if not the, first Major GT that had 100% list uploads to BCP. We intend to continue that tradition this year.

Which leads us to lists. We're changing the due date for list submissions to Sunday, August 12th. Lists for both the GT and the Team Event need to be emailed to wgc@wargamescon.com AND uploaded to BCP. Yes, we're going to check lists for accuracy. No, we're not taking responsibility for everything being 100% correct -- we are, after all, only human. The responsibility for accuracy in your list is, well, yours.

We are on track for WGCX to be the best WGC yet! Our AoS GT, Guild Ball, and 40K Narrative Events are SOLD OUT. There are still spots available for the 40K Texas Championship GT, Team Event, Warmachine Events, Shadespire Grand Clash, and Blood Bowl Southern Central Amorical Bowl -- don't wait until the last minute to get registered -- you don't want to miss out!

Finally, don't forget to book your room at our hotel -- it really helps us out the more rooms WGCX sells -- so if you haven't booked your room yet, please do!

We'll see you next weekend -- and we can't wait!


WGCX Warmachine Events update!

We're excited to announce some additions to the Warmachine events lineup. We now have a Champions Tournament and a Caster Draft event! Champions will use the new 2018 rules and rosters, these new changes are going to make this an awesome tournament! 

Caster Draft is a fun new format where you create your own caster by drafting cards that contain weapons, spells, abilities, feats and stat upgrades. Your newly created caster then leads your army into battle!

For more details, check out the Events page.

Warmachine passes are on sale now! Get yours before they sell out!