This is the 11th year for the WGC Warhammer 40K GT and the second year of the Texas Championship Circuit. We’re planning to have the best event yet this year! Below are the preliminary details:

  • 2000 Points battle forged army with no more than 3 Detachments.

  • ITC format i.e.: Beta Rules are in effect, bottom floors of ruins block line of sight.

  • Best Overall: A total of Battle Points, Hobby score, and Sportsmanship.

  • Best Painted: Will be scored separately by secret judges on Sunday. You must have a Hobby score of 10 to qualify for Best Painted.

  • Best General: Will be based on top ITC score for the event.

  • Best Sport: Will be judged on Best Game Vote.

Awards for the Texas Championship Circuit will be given out at WGC.

So, get ready! Bring your best game, bring your friends, and take on the:

Texas Championship Circuit

More details about the TCC 2019 season are coming soon!
We look forward to seeing y’all there! 

9:00 - 7:45 Saturday, 9:00 - 4:30 Sunday

Five games, tickets are $70 -- Get registered!

The WGC Age of Sigmar GT has grown into the biggest and best Age of Sigmar competitive event in the South! This is a five-game, 2000 points Pitched Battle tournament over two days. This event sold out three times last year so don’t wait to get registered for this one! We’re expanding the number of slots and we’re working hard on adding and improving terrain and overall player experience — this is truly a premiere event! Scoring will be based on victory in battle with bonuses scored for painting and sportsmanship. In addition, there will be five Secret Missions that can be scored in each battle to add to your score. 

These missions will add interesting strategic choices to you as a general in the tournament; and along with rewards for hobby excellence, honorable play, and competency in generalship, the WGC Age of Sigmar GT Champion will be crowned as a total master of the Mortal Realms. There will be prizes, trophies, and a good time to be had no matter your experience level!

We will have an information pack with more details soon -- but you want to get registered for this premiere event now!

5 games, tickets are $50 -- Get registered!

WGC XI presents the finest in 40K Narrative Events, presented by The Narrative Guys! These events are truly majestic, with fantastic terrain on every board and missions that both challenge and delight. If you’ve played in the WGC Narrative events before, you know how amazing it is. If you haven’t…you really should. You won’t be disappointed.

Nurgle Don't Surf — Friday Only - 2-hour sessions, beginning at 10

Join The Narrative Guys for our fast-play game style. Players take the role of a Space Wolf kill team, sent to eliminate an Imperial colonel gone rogue with the powers of chaos! No models required, just show up, roll dice and have a great time.

Narrative Open — 10-7 Saturday and Sunday

Faction-based narrative play, featuring two missions each day. In solo and multiplayer battles, faction teams work together to accomplish missions customized to each faction team. Dynamic mission sets and flexible force structures let you adapt to your mission and achieve victory!

Narrative Invitational — 10-7 Saturday and Sunday

A curated narrative event, with custom terrain created specifically for the forces in the story! Inquire with us at the convention on how you can be eligible for invitation.

40k Campaign Game — 10-7 Saturday and Sunday

This is an invitational wargame-style event, with two faction teams facing off in a limited-information hex-based campaign. Forces are maneuvered on the map for tactical goals, and battles are decided on the 40k tabletop. Inquire with us at the convention on how you can be eligible for invitation.

Tickets are $75, one ticket covers all Narrative Events -- Get registered!

Do you want to play 40K with your buddy and not play those same “boring” missions they play in the Grand Tournaments? Well then, you should sign up for the WarGamesCon 40K Team Event!  Come join the fun with some wacky missions, beer and great 40K moments!


1000 points per player.  2000 points per team.  2 Detachments per player.  1 warlord per team. 

Armies must be fully painted and based or you CANNOT play.  

Do not build optimized Grand Tournament lists, this is supposed to be fun and we will do our best to limit submitted lists that look like they are full of cheese.  Lists need to be submitted to no later than Aug 2nd.  Each day beyond the deadline will incur a minus one Command Point deduction. 

Friday Aug 16th.  

Registration: 9:00am

Round 1:  10:00am-12:30pm

Lunch:  12-30pm-1:30pm

Round 2:  1:45pm-4:15pm

Round 3:  4:30pm-7:00pm

Three games, tickets are $50 per team -- Get registered!

We are pleased to offer a Guild Ball tournament at the 2019 Wargames Con! The tournament will follow the standard rules outlined in the organized play document and all models for general release are available for use in the tournament. We will have table-space for a 16 man tournament with potentially additional tables available for open play. Prizes are available for the Top 3 finishes and a separate prize is available for Best Painted.

Tournament Date: Friday, August 16 2019

Each round is scheduled for 2 hours, but depending on player speed these exact round times will likely change. In general, the next round will follow 15m after the previous round completes.

⦁ Arrival & Registration: 9:00-10:00

⦁ Round 1: 10:00 – 12:00

LUNCH 12:00 – 1:00

⦁ Round 2: 1:15-3:15

⦁ Round 3: 3:30-5:30

⦁ Round 4: 5:45-7:45

We will organize a group-order for lunch from Jason’s Deli or Jimmy John’s as to make that whole process easier. Contact TO Nathan Heep ( for more information.

4 games, tickets are $20. Get registered!

Whether you are a new player, seasoned veteran or just want to relax and play some casual games we have an event for you. We’ve made some changes to our Iron Arena and incorporated some alternative formats into it. Our goal is to allow players more flexibility in their gaming schedule and not have to choose between multiple events going on at the same time.

We’re very happy to announce this years Masters tournament is a Lock & Load Iron Gauntlet Qualifier and a Warfaire Weekend Wildcard Event.

The Monsterpocalypse Is Upon Us! See Monsterpocalypse events here

Your Warmachine Badge will get you into all of the Monsterpocalypse Events! MonPoc games will also earn you Iron Arena points.

Iron Arena - All Weekend Long

Play casual games to earn points. These points can be traded in for prizes. Yo can also earn Iron Arena points by completing events throughout the weekend.

In addition to play casual pickup games, this year the Iron Arena includes Caster Draft pods. A group of 4+ can start a caster draft pod and earn extra Iron Arena points. Caster Draft decks will be provided.

Friday Champions Tournament

Registration: 10 -10:45am Round 1: 11am

Will be using the latest, 2019 Champions packet. This event may change when that packet is released

  • 2lists. 75pts. 60min death clock

  • Must use a Caster & Theme(s) from the current roster

Saturday - Masters Qualifier Steamroller

Registration: 9 - 9:45am Round 1: 10am

Using the latest 2019 Master packet, event details subject to change when it releases

  • 2 lists. 75pts. 60min death clock

  • Top 8 qualify for Sunday WGC Masters

Sunday - 2 vs 2 Doubles Event

Registration: 9 - 9:45am Round 1: 10am

  • Grab a teammate and combine forces. Each player brings a 25pt army led by 1 warcaster/warlock, character restrictions apply across both armies.Teammates do not need to play the same faction.

  • 25pts per player, 1 list per player, 60min death clock

  • Teams will play together on the same table, only 1 activation may happen at a time.

  • 3 round limit, standard tie-breakers apply

Sunday Masters - Lock & Load IGQ and WFW Wildcard Series

Registration: 9:15 - 10am Round 1: 10:15am

We’re very happy to once again be a Lock & Load Iron Gauntlet Qualifier and a Warfaire Weekend Wildcard Event.

  • Limited to the qualified players from previous event

  • 2 lists. 75pts. 60min death clock

  • Will use latest 2019 Masters rules

  • All Masters players earn Warfaire Weekend Wildcard Points

  • Winner is qualified for the Iron Gauntlet World Championship at next Lock & Load

  • Top 3 players earn Iron Gauntlet points to be used at the next Lock & Load

If you have any questions about these events please contact TO Adam Lebo ( for more information.

Event ticket covers all Warmachine & Monsterpocalypse Events, $55.00 - Get registered!

We’re very excited to bring Monsterpocalypse to WarGames Con XI! We’ve got two Crush Hour events scheduled and open play in the Iron Arena available all weekend.

If you are purchasing a Warmachine Event Badge, it includes all these events already!

Casual Play - All Weekend

All weekend long you can play MonPoc and earn Iron Arena points. These points can be traded in for prizes.

Friday 2 Monster Crush Hour!

Registration: 1pm Round 1: 1:30pm

  • 2 Monsters, 20 units, 6-12 Buildings

  • 45 minute deathclock

  • Players should bring a least 1 map

Sunday 2 Monster Crush Hour!

Registration: 10am Round 1: 10:30am

  • 2 Monsters, 20 units, 6-12 Buildings

  • 45 minute deathclock

  • Players should bring a least 1 map

If you have any questions about these events please contact TO Adam Lebo ( for more information.

Friday & Sunday, 2 Crush Hours, $15.00 - Get registered!