Warmachine & Hordes

Here are the updated rules that will be in use:


*Both of these formats will be run at the 2017 level when they are released in July. I have included the 2016 snippets for the event which we will updated as soon as they are available.  

In Masters 2016 tournaments, players face off to prove they are masters of their WARMACHINE or HORDES factions. In this format, players bring multiple lists of their chosen faction and battle one another in a series of matches set among eight carefully selected scenarios. These scenarios provide the arena in which to test a player’s knowledge, skill, and ability to adapt.
Master for Wargamescon will be the Dyad format requiring two lists for each player. More information about this format can be found at http://files.privateerpress.com/op/2016/MastersRules2016.pdf
There will be two qualifying heats for Masters at Wargamescon. The first will be Friday and the second will be Saturday. Masters finals be Sunday and will consist of the top 8 players from each heat.

In Champions 2016 tournaments, players prove their skill in the first limited format for WARMACHINE and HORDES. Armies can be led only by warcasters/warlocks found on the Active Duty Roster, making Champions a rapidly changing arena of battle that allows players to showcase their skill with all of their faction’s most powerful heroes and villains.
Champions for Wargamescon will be a Dyad format requiring two lists for each player. All models must be completely painted and based in Champions events. More information for this event can be found at http://privateerpress.com/files/ChampionsRules2016.pdf
Champions will be run on Sunday at the same time as the Masters finals.

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