Warhammer 40K GT

Wargamescon 2017 Guidelines

Exceptions and Exclusions

· Power Level 31 and up are not allowed

· Proxies are not allowed

· Count-as must be cleared with WGC Staff prior to the tournament wargamescon@gmail.com or wgcarmylists@gmail.com

· All models must be on proper bases and fully assembled. If a model is not assembled and is not on a base, you may not use that model.

· New Primaris Space Marine Units (Aggressors, Primaris Captain, Primaris Librarian, Redemptor Dreadnaught, and Reiver Squads) are legal for use. However, the new Space Marine Codex is not. So, use the rules and costs that came in the box with the models. If you do this bring the rules with you to share with your opponent.


· Wargamescon 2017 will be using both the ITC and the GW FAQs. In cases where there is a conflict the ITC FAQ will be the correct answer. If there is doubt about an FAQ please contact wargamescon@gmail.com

Sportsmanship Scores

· All players are expected to behave themselves in a sportsman like manner. We understand there can be frustrating games but, act like an adult. Cussing out an opponent, threatening behavior, or yelling at a judge will not be tolerated and that kind of behavior will get you ejected from the event.

· Sports Scores will be recorded on a separate sheet in your tournament packet and turned in at the end of the tournament.

· Please vote for your favorite opponent at that time by circling your favorite opponent’s name.

· Sports scores will count for 25% of your overall score.

Paint Scores

· Paint Scores will count for 25% of your total scores. If you hit all points in the paint rubric you will get max scores. It is NOT an art contest.

· 2 points per round per each rubric point

· Are all models fully assembled and on bases?

· Are all models at least base coated?

· Are all Models at least 3 colors?

· Are all bases excluding clear flyer bases flocked and/or painted?

· Have all models been washed, dry brushed or exhibit some effort to be fully painted.

· Best Painted will be scored separately. If you did not achieve a 10 on paint score you are not eligible for Best Painted.


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