List of Events

WGC 2017 Events

Warhammer 40k GT
  • 2000 Pts. Matched Play List Construction.
  • 5 Round event.  3 rounds on Sat and 2 on Sunday.
  • List Submission to :  due by Aug 11th.

Warhammer 40k Team
  • Friday - 3 Round event.
  • 2000 pts total: 1000 points per person, Matched Play battle-forged lists with the exception that each player is limited to one faction. 
  • List submission is required!! Send lists to (Due by Aug 11th) If your list is not built to have fun for you and your opponents, it will get rejected and asked to try again.

Age of Sigmar
  • 2000 Pts. Matched Play List Construction.
  • 5 Round event.  3 rounds on Sat and 2 on Sunday.

Warhammer 40k Narrative
  • Friday - 40k Command Post Exercise (CPX) 10-7
  • Friday - Narrative Open 10-7
  • Saturday - Narrative Open 10-7
  • Saturday - Narrative Invitational 10-7
  • Sunday - Narrative Invitational 10-4
  • Sunday – Narrative Freeplay 10-4

  • Friday - Masters Qualifier  9am reg 10 dice
  • Saturday - Masters Qualifier   9am reg 10 dice
  • Sunday - Masters Final (8 slots)  8am reg 9 dice
  • Sunday - Champions Redemption  8am reg 9 dice
  • Team steamroller (double trouble) each player builds a 35 point list.
  • Speed machine battle group only caster Warjack or warbeast points only,5 min total on the clock.
  • 25 point mangled metal tooth and claw.

  • 150pts team. All 150pts must be from the same faction. Unique rule applies to the 150pts (can't have two vaders) that's it for the team
  • 100pt Dog Fight Swiss
  • Redemption/hanger bay, players will be randomly placed in pods of 8. Each pod plays three games. Each pod is prized out individually. Players bring two 100pt list the two lists cannot contain the same ship types and cannot use the same upgrades. Players will secretly choose which list they are using before each round in the pod. However, it is not mandatory for you to bring two lists. However, You will be giving your opponent an advantage because he will obviously know what you are flying before he chooses his list.

  • Friday - 32-man Last Chance Regional Qualifier. Top-4 Cut. Flight 1. 9.30am.
  • Friday - 16-man Captain, My Captain! Reg 10am
  • Saturday - 32-man Last Chance Regional Qualifier. Top-4 Cut. Flight 2
  • Saturday - 16-man Multi-Ball Mayhem. Reg 10am
  • Sunday - 16-man Regional Championship Final. Reg 9am.
  • Sunday - 16-man Homelands Cup. Reg 9.30am


  1. Looking forward to another great WargamesCon!

  2. Replies
    1. The X-Wing events are listed on the flier on the "Event Schedule" link at the top.

  3. Has the slots available been updated recently?

  4. quick question I have, can I got to the event but just look around with my 5 yr daughter with out paying?