Age of Sigmar

Wargames Con 2017 Age of Sigmar Tournament Rules

List Building

  1. Each army will be comprised of up to 2000 points using the 2016 General’s Handbook, following army composition for a Battlehost in Pitched Battles (pages 106-108).

  1. The Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Matched Play Rules, errata and all relevant Games Workshop Errata and FAQs will be used, unless an event FAQ specifically overrides.

  1. New rules and units that are released by July 31st, 2017 will be allowed in this event.Any new rules or units released after this date WILL NOT be allowed in this event.

  1. Command Traits & Artefacts, as well as Battletome specific spells/prayers, must be chosen when you turn in your list for the tournament. These will not change throughout the course of the tournament. However, you can duplicate Artefacts.

  1. You may have 1 of each type of command model per unit (champion/leader, standard bearer, & musician). The most recent version of a Warscroll is expected to be used (i.e., using the rules for a Terrorgheist in Battletome: Flesh Eater Courts vs. Grand Alliance: Death). See the AoS app for the most recent versions of Warscrolls.

  1. Order Armies can only have 1 model equipped with Ghal Maraz.
  1. Chaos Armies can only have 1 Warscroll with the Archaon Keyword.

  1. If units and models have choices of what they can be armed with, this must be clearly indicated on your army list and modeled appropriately. This also applies to choice of Standards for Standard Bearers, instruments for Musicians, and special equipment for your unit’s Leaders.

  1. Characters and units cannot be part of multiple Battalions. The only exception is Battalions that are comprised of multiple Battalions (Sylvaneth Wargroves for instance).

  1. Forge World units/rules, as well as Compendium entries will be allowed in this event.
  1. If your army intends to summon models in games, please indicate on your roster how many Reinforcement Points you intend to use each game on your army list. This is the maximum amount of points worth of models you can summon throughout the game as normal.

  1. Any Sylvaneth Wyldwoods must be included on your army list, including any you will be summoning. These must be the same size footprint as the Sylvaneth Wyldwood kit.


  1. Attacks, Spells, and Abilities are measured from base to base from the attacking model to the target. Base sizes for models should be within reason, but no smaller than the bases the models were supplied with. Bases cannot overlap for purposes of piling in and making attacks.

  1. Abilities and Spells of the same name do NOT stack (i.e a unit cannot be affected by Treelord’s “Groundshaking Stomp” more than one time in a combat phase. If multiple Treelords are in range to stomp they may all take their rolls to affect nearby enemy units. However, once a unit receives the -1 to hit modifier, it may not be reduced any lower by other instances of “Groundshaking Stomp”. Therefore, a maximum of -1 to hit.

Likewise, Khorne units can only receive one instance of +1 Attack to all melee weapons from a Bloodsecrator’s “Portal of Skulls” even if they are within range of multiple. In the case of Blood Reavers, they may still claim the bonus attack from “Frenzied Devotion” in addition to a single instance of “Portal of Skulls because the bonus attacks come from two different abilities)

  1. A unit with no more than 20 Wounds worth of models and a single model with the Hero keyword may garrison a building. Behemoths cannot garrison buildings.

  1. If at any time you or your opponent has no models left on the table with no additional units to set up after the game begins, the game is over immediately.

General Rules and Conduct

  1. Each player must bring five (5) copies of their army lists to the event (one to turn in at registration, one for each of their opponents, and one for themselves)

  1. All players are expected to abide by the Wargames Con Conduct Policy.

  1. The models used in your army must comply with the Wargames Con Model Policy (all models MUST be WYSIWYG and 3- colors).

  1. Any models that you would summon must be fully painted to match your army and displayed on your army display for paint judging. This includes terrain pieces as appropriate.

  1. Round/oval bases will not be required this year, but are highly encouraged.

  1. If illegal units or rules violations are found in a player's list, at a minimum, the models in violation will be removed from all subsequent play. Tournament points may be deducted and prize eligibility may be forfeited. Please use the feedback form on the Wargames Con 2017 website for any questions you or your club may have regarding rules issues or legal units in advance!  

  1. Wargames Con Tournament Judges' and Officers' rulings are final and arguments or poor conduct by players will not be tolerated. Wargames Con reserves the right to remove players from the event or Wargames Con itself without a refund.

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