Wednesday, April 15, 2015

It's WAR Games Con 2015, Y'all

It's that time again: time to get packed up and head to Austin for a lucky 7th year to enjoy 4 days of war games and fun. What would this convention be without some changes? (It wouldn't be a BoLS/WARGames/TexasGames/Con without a name change).  Here’s what’s going on this year:

First, we’ve brought in Frontline Gaming to run the 40K Events and the registration process. They are just coming off a hugely successful Las Vegas Open-- the largest 40K tournament ever-- so we know they are up to the task. We’re looking forward to the experience Reece, Frankie and the rest of the team bring to WAR Games Con. We’ll be using the ITC rules, so read up and adjust accordingly.

We’ve also got a full X-Wing schedule this year. None other than BoLS Editor in Chief Larry (BigRed) will be running the show which will include a 100 point tournament, a 300 point tournament and an EPIC sized big game.

Despite all the new stuff, we’ve got a few excellent events returning once again. Flames of War Early War Nationals will be back for another year with a 5 round, 2 day tournament. Lists are due June 12th, so you still have time to get those in.

Privateer Press returns with a staggering line-up of 11 Warmachine/Hordes events over the three days! You can buy individual days, or save money with a three day pass. The line-up is highlighted by the first Iron Gauntlet tournament of the season, but keep in mind this event requires a fully painted army, so get to painting!

Don’t forget, each event at WAR Games Con 2015 requires a Convention Badge, which is available at the registration site below.

Here’s the link to sign up: SIGN UP
Here’s the link to book your room: BOOK YOUR ROOM HERE

Get registered and come see us in June!

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