Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Two New L5R Side Events Announced

We are happy to announce two new side events for L5R this year.

Friday, we will be running an official Shiro Big Deck tournament.  For those unfamiliar, it is similar to the Magic: The Gathering commander format with almost all cards legal for a 100 card deck on both Dynasty and Fate side, but only one copy of each card. We will be following the rules as posted here http://shirobigdeck.com/rules.html and allowing 40 proxys per deck. We are tentatively offering a money prize for top places.

We are also proud to announce that there will be another event using Cube Kenjutsu format. It is similar to the Magic Cube format but with L5R cards. Essentially a draft, but instead of taking cards from random boosters, we make boosters composed of cards from all through the history of L5R. 
This event will be Friday as well. Rules located below.

Stay tuned for more updates!  Don't forget to register and book your hotel room!!