Sunday, July 10, 2011

Warhammer 40K Awards

40k Grand Tournament

Best Overall: Shawn Lowrey

2nd Best Overall: Alan Bajramovic

Best General: Ben Mohlie

2nd Best General: Matthew Baugh

40k Rogue Trader Tournament

Best Overall: Adam Tricola

Best General: Allan Hernandez

Overall 40k Awards

Best Sportsman: Eric Bailey

Best Painted: Bill Gordon

2nd Best Painted: Mikal Werre

Codicier Award: Colby Anger

Player's Choice: Michael Strange

The Golden Goat: Jeremy Yates

Try Fantasy Award: Dan Martin


  1. Hey guys this is Sharpiemint (Dan Martin), and my crew just got home after a loooooong drive home to KC, MO. But let me tell you we had a great time at BoLsCON, I mean WAR Games Con, this year!!! Absolute blast met tons of new friends and had an awesome time getting stomped HAHA!!! So just wanted to say thanks to everyone and hope to see you all next year!!!.... In Fantasy tournament of course! ;-) lol

  2. Thanks for coming down to Texas. Dan, you were definitely the favorite at the Scoring table-- each round we were rooting to see a smiley face instead of a frown on your score sheet. :)