Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Changes for Next Year - Grand Tournament Edition

WAR Games Con 2010 was a definite learning experience. We grew 100% in size, and had a fair share of growing pains, some of which we expected and some of which we did not.

Here are things that will definitely change for next year:


1) Badges. Next year we'll have collectible badges, not just name tags. The badgeless experiment this year worked fantastically from an organizer standpoint, but was not a hit with the players, so we're going to do something really cool for 2011 badges.

2) Swag Bags. I dropped the ball here this year, 100% my fault. I had a plan that did not happen, and won't form the same plan again. Swag Bags will be at check-in next year.

3) Signs. Year One we didn't need signs. Year Two we did, but didn't have them. Signs will be up next year.

4) Staff Recognition Devices. These are coming, and will be visible and cool enough that the staff will wear/keep them.

Games Workshop Grand Tournament Rules

1) List Submission. 40K Lists will still be verified if submitted ahead of time, but submission will not be required (no points for it). The advantage you gain is that any errors you make will be corrected pre-event, so less worry for you (any errors in your list may result in zero points for any round played with an inaccurate list). Fantasy will still have composition rules (which we're desperately working on, but need more 8th games to be sure of), so lists will still be required to be submitted. I will put up a poll about printing lists, as that seems to be a fairly popular thing to do.

2) Sportsmanship Scores. Two years of Sportsmanship scoring has given us ample information to determine that Sportsmanship scoring can be take off the cumulative totals for 40K but still needs a component in Fantasy. Sportsmanship scoring will still be taken, but not as a component to overall standings in 40K. Anyone who is getting a lot of bad game votes is still in danger of being asked to leave, if those bad games withstand review.

3) Brackets. Gone is the Consolation Bracket, but in is the Rogue Trader Tournament. For people playing in the Grand Tournament, this represents only the following small change - you can play another game system day 2 if you don't qualify for the second day field of the Grand Tournament. For people that can't make Saturday, this means you have your choice of RTTs on Sunday.

4) Size Limit. We've learned the limits of our venue. The 40K Grand Tournament will have a limit of 168 players, roughly the size it was this year.


1) Hobby Seminars - Dave Taylor was a big hit, and we're looking at having more Seminars next year, at least something every day.

2) Vendors - People missed them, so we'll bring them back. Now I just have to find a good place to put them...

I have more news regarding Flames of War, Privateer Press, and other things to come in later weeks.

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