Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lists Due July 15th (and other items)

1) Due to the new FAQs for Tyranids and Blood Angels, 40K lists are not due until July 15th.

2) WFB Lists are not due until July 15th as well. Remember that we are playing 7th Edition, not 8th Edition.

3) If you're a pure Flames of War player (only playing FoW), check out the Saturday event at www.greathallgames.com. We are waiving the badge fee and Great Hall is reducing their event fee for the infantry-based Mid War tournament there on Saturday.

4) Flames of War and Warmachine players do not have to submit lists early; just make sure you have at least 3 copies of your lists when you get to the tournament.

Remember that getting your lists in on time means that we will make two copies for you and also gives you a small bonus to your total points.

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